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Score1999view icon
Crazy/Beautiful [soundtrack]2001view icon
Picture Claire [soundtrack]2001view icon
World Without Rules19 January 2001view icon
Blue Crush [soundtrack]2002view icon
Underworld [soundtrack]14 October 2003view icon
The Girl Next Door [soundtrack]2004view icon
Crank [soundtrack]2006view icon
Turistas [soundtrack]21 November 2006view icon
Sleeper Cell: American Terror [soundtrack]19 December 2006view icon
Paul Haslinger Shoot 'Em Up Album primary image cover photoShoot 'Em Up [soundtrack]27 August 2007view icon
Vacancy [soundtrack]28 August 2007view icon
Death Race [soundtrack]19 August 2008view icon
Need For Speed: Undercover [soundtrack]25 November 2008view icon
While She Was Out [soundtrack]16 December 2008view icon
Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans [soundtrack]10 February 2009view icon
Takers [soundtrack]24 August 2010view icon
The Three Musketeers {2011} [soundtrack]27 September 2011view icon
Underworld Awakening [soundtrack]24 January 2012view icon
Takers [soundtrack]2014view icon
In The Blood [soundtrack]1 April 2014view icon
No Good Deed [soundtrack]9 September 2014view icon
Ben Frost + Paul Haslinger
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege [soundtrack]
1 December 2015view icon
Paul Haslinger Halt And Catch Fire Album primary image cover photoHalt And Catch Fire [soundtrack]19 August 2016view icon
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [soundtrack]27 January 2017view icon
Paul Haslinger Wildling Album primary image cover photoWildling [soundtrack]13 April 2018view icon
Halt And Catch Fire Volume 2 [soundtrack]2019view icon


It Speaks [soundtrack]2017view icon

Unreleased Soundtracks

Pointman [soundtrack]1994view icon
Infinity's Child [soundtrack]1999view icon
The Story Of Computer Graphics [soundtrack]1999view icon
Planetary Traveler [soundtrack]1999view icon
Cheaters [soundtrack]2000view icon
Bring It On Again [soundtrack]2004view icon
Into The Blue [soundtrack]2005view icon
Far Cry Instincts [soundtrack]2005view icon
Rainbow Six: Vegas [soundtrack]2006view icon
Far Cry Instincts: Evolution [soundtrack]2006view icon
Gardener Of Eden [soundtrack]2007view icon
Make It Happen [soundtrack]2008view icon
Prom Night {2008} [soundtrack]2008view icon
The Fifth Commandment [soundtrack]2008view icon
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 [soundtrack]2008view icon
After.Life [soundtrack]2009view icon
X-Men Origins: Wolverine [soundtrack]2009view icon
Death Race 2 [soundtrack]2010view icon
Need for Speed: World [soundtrack]2010view icon
Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden [soundtrack]2012view icon
Mysteries Of The Unseen World [soundtrack]2013view icon
Fear the Walking Dead [soundtrack]2015view icon

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