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Forbidden Zone [soundtrack]1982view icon
Wisdom [soundtrack]1986view icon
Summer School [soundtrack]1987view icon
Beetlejuice [soundtrack]1988view icon
Midnight Run {1988} [soundtrack]1988view icon
Big Top Pee-wee [soundtrack]1988view icon
Scrooged [soundtrack]1988view icon
Nightbreed [soundtrack]1988view icon
Batman [soundtrack]1989view icon
Edward Scissorhands [soundtrack]1990view icon
Dick Tracy [soundtrack]1990view icon
Darkman [soundtrack]1990view icon
Jonathan Sheffer / Danny Elfman
Pure Luck [soundtrack]
1991view icon
Danny Elfman / Shirley Walker
Batman: The Animated Series [soundtrack]
1992view icon
Batman Returns [soundtrack]1992view icon
Article 99 [soundtrack]1992view icon
The Nightmare Before Christmas [soundtrack]1993view icon
Sommersby [soundtrack]1993view icon
Corpse Bride [soundtrack]1993view icon
Joseph LoDuca & Danny Elfman
Army Of Darkness {1993} [soundtrack]
1993view icon
Black Beauty [soundtrack]1994view icon
Dolores Claiborne [soundtrack]1995view icon
To Die For [soundtrack]1995view icon
Mission: Impossible [soundtrack]1996view icon
The Frighteners [soundtrack]1996view icon
Extreme Measures [soundtrack]1996view icon
Mars Attacks! [soundtrack]1996view icon
Men In Black [soundtrack]1997view icon
Flubber [soundtrack]1997view icon
Good Will Hunting [soundtrack]1997view icon
A Civil Action [soundtrack]1998view icon
A Simple Plan [soundtrack]1998view icon
Psycho {1998} [soundtrack]1998view icon
Instinct {1999} [soundtrack]1999view icon
Sleepy Hollow [soundtrack]1999view icon
Proof Of Life [soundtrack]2000view icon
Planet Of The Apes {2001} [soundtrack]2001view icon
Chicago [soundtrack]2002view icon
Spider-Man [soundtrack]2002view icon
Men In Black 2 [soundtrack]2002view icon
Red Dragon [soundtrack]2002view icon
Big Fish [soundtrack]2003view icon
Hulk [soundtrack]2003view icon
Spider-Man 2 [soundtrack]2004view icon
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory {2005} [soundtrack]2005view icon
Charlotte's Web [soundtrack]2006view icon
Meet The Robinsons [soundtrack]2007view icon
The Kingdom [soundtrack]2007view icon
Milk [soundtrack]2008view icon
Hellboy II: The Golden Army [soundtrack]2008view icon
Standard Operating Procedure [soundtrack]2008view icon
Wanted [soundtrack]2008view icon
Danny Elfman & Deborah Lurie
9 [soundtrack]
2009view icon
Taking Woodstock [soundtrack]2009view icon
Terminator Salvation [soundtrack]19 May 2009view icon
The Wolfman [soundtrack]2010view icon
Alice In Wonderland {2010} [soundtrack]2010view icon
The Next Three Days [soundtrack]2011view icon
Restless {2011} [soundtrack]2011view icon
Real Steel [soundtrack]2011view icon
Men In Black 3 [soundtrack]2012view icon
Dark Shadows [soundtrack]2012view icon
Frankenweenie [soundtrack]2012view icon
Silver Linings Playbook [soundtrack]2012view icon
Hitchcock [soundtrack]2012view icon
Promised Land {2012} [soundtrack]2012view icon
Oz The Great And Powerful [soundtrack]2013view icon
Epic [soundtrack]2013view icon
Mr. Peabody & Sherman [soundtrack]2014view icon
The Unknown Known [soundtrack]2014view icon
Big Eyes [soundtrack]2014view icon
The End Of The Tour [soundtrack]2015view icon
Fifty Shades Of Grey [soundtrack]2015view icon
Goosebumps [soundtrack]2015view icon
Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman
Avengers: Age Of Ultron [soundtrack]
2015view icon
The Girl On The Train [soundtrack]7 October 2016view icon
The Circle [soundtrack]26 May 2017view icon
Justice League [soundtrack]24 November 2017view icon
Fifty Shades Freed [soundtrack]16 February 2018view icon

Unreleased Soundtracks

Pee-wee's Big Adventure [soundtrack]1985view icon
Hot To Trot [soundtrack]1988view icon
Dead Presidents [soundtrack]1995view icon
Freeway [soundtrack]1996view icon
The Gift {2000} [soundtrack]2000view icon
The Family Man [soundtrack]2000view icon

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