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Graham Needham I fell in love with collecting music in the early to mid eighties. This was a peak time of multiple formats, foreign pressings with different picture sleeves, limited editions, coloured vinyls, (shaped) picture discs, crazy marketing and multiple releases/remixes of the same single (here's looking at you ZTT Records).

I basically wanted to know about everything an artist had ever released and was writing my own discographies to help me track down missing and rare items. I was good at it so I submitted some to Record Collector magazine and got them published. My first discography published was Depeche Mode in May 1989 (issue 117) followed by the Pet Shop Boys in February 1990 (issue 126). Record Collector then asked me to write the article text as well as the discographies so I obliged with many more articles/discographies and then Record Collector offered me a full time job - unfortunately I was still in school(!) so I had to decline the position. I continued writing for Record Collector and then a new magazine, Spiral Scratch, appeared followed by "Music Collector" so I started writing for them too. During this time I was also writing a Jean-Michel Jarre fanzine (Destination Jarre) with a friend. In the late summer of 1990 Spiral Scratch/Music Collector offered me the job of "Record Information Officer". Having finally left school at this point I took the position. I helped write and check all the discographical information in both those magazines and penned a variety of articles and discographies myself. My article on Depeche Mode's Japanese box sets Chronicles #1 and #2 (Music Collector issue 29 - July 1991) has gone down in Depeche Mode lore as the definitive information on these rare box sets. Unfortunately Spiral Scratch/Music Collector closed in 1992 and since then I've continued to collect and file discographical information away.

For many years I wanted to bring my discographies and collector's information to the internet in a worldwide collaborative environment that only the internet can offer. Although I worked in the computer industry (Apple, Microsoft, etc) I never had enough time to put it all together. I set up my own (IT) company, Burning Helix, in 2001 and ten years after that finally started working on the back-end systems for my ultimate music (collector's) web site. The World Wide Release DataBase (WWRDB) was launched in September 2013. My own personal interest in electronic music, the Mute Records label, soundtracks and James Bond music spawned CyberNoise, němý.cz, Original Soundtrack Info and Miss Moneypenny's Archives respectively.

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